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Are you looking for a Detroit Limo?

You know nothing is better than riding in limousine style. And if you are in the Detroit Area of Michigan, we can help you find the best limousine provider to you. As you know, not all limo providers are created equal. Trust our recommendations on which ones are the best.

What about limos in other cities?

Unfortunately, our service is currently only focused on Detroit limos and the Metro Detroit area. Check back often to see if we have expanded our limo searching services to other areas.

Why Limos?

Limos are too cool, that is why. So if you are looking for a Detroit limo, this is the place to be.


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Entertainment Express

Bocci Limousine

Detroit Limo

Luxury Limousine

Country Club Limousine

Limo 313

Allstar Limo

Metro Cars

Vladas Limousine

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